Latte Art

Latte Art is for students armed with a solid foundation in proper Espresso extraction and Milk textu ...


Throwback is a tribute to what coffee is to all of us. A beverage of comfort that's filled with fami ...


A berry packed flavouring, extremely sweet and well balanced. The smallest hints of cocoa produced w ...
An elegant, one-piece, hourglass shaped vessel made of high quality, heat resistant glass. This coff ...
Sweet mellow notes of citrus and smoky molasses, with nuts dominating the cup. A medium bodied co ...
  • Q2 Africa, excited yet?
  • Care package! We got some rad mags from Allscript! Put those papers aside and come pickup a copy at The Annex!
  • Congratulations to our friends at Three Hands Coffee! Now serving coffee at Binjai Park!
  • Because the city deserves great coffee. Extremely excited for what is to come! PulP. By. PpP. 03.14
  • Be nice to this dashing young lad. He's all that stands between many a cafes and their coffee. The man and his trusty steed.
  • We prefer Reg barber's rainbow. It has more colors, and wood!
  • Looking forward to serve coffee to our friends in Malaysia @PULPbyPPP
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  • Espresso redefined this morning
  • The return of Biggie Smalls. At The Annex.
  • Yes. It's true.
  • The Baratza Forté. Harder, better, faster, stronger. Demo and preorders now at The Annex @ Chye Seng Huat Hardware
  • Coffee. Filtered, unadulterated
  • Coffee to go! Must.Drink.Coffee subscriptions leaving the nest
  • Roastery tour participants discussing tasting notes, making notes, taking notes. Check it out.
  • Coffee is a science. The art is is in the science
  • Art and function. Good coffee soothes the soul and feeds the eyes. Latte art class on the Saturday 1st March, 10am-1pm. Signup at
  • Meet the family
  • For the love of coffee... coffee, chocolates and a loved one.
  • Papa Palheta is breaking new grounds up north and building a team to join us in this coffee adventure. If you believe you have what it takes to join the MY (Malaysia) team, drop us a mail at hello(at)papapalheta(dot)com We are seeking an Operations Manager, a Retail Technician & Baristas who are passionate about coffee.
  • Here's wishing all the coffee lovers a (coffee-induced) happy Valentine's Day!
  • Good things come in pairs, his & hers, coffee & chocolate! Keep cups for valentines, 2 for SGD$30.00
  • Charming cafe with charming barista. Congrats @icanseegiants! #theduxtoncafe #anodeprojects
  • F.R.E.S.H. Puppy Love is back. Make coffee special on Valentines day. Available at The Annex @ Chye Seng Huat
  • The coffees are tasting delicious at our QC cupping this morning. Regram from @marcusfoo
  • For the Love, chocolates, and a loved one. We love the way coffee brings people together. 15th of February 2.30pm - 3.30pm. Sign up online at
  • Know your way round a Gooseneck kettle and a Handybrew? What about a Chemex? Papa Palheta is looking out for passionate coffee people to join our retail department as part time retail specialists. Hit us up at retail(at)papapalheta(dot)com
  • CNY won't be the same without coffee. We'll be open tomorrow from 9.00am till 1.00pm. Then We're off from the 1st till the 3rd.
  • Bowling during office hours. That's how we roll!
  • Its family time Papa Palheta. We'll be closed on Tuesday 28th Jan for our reunion lunch. Back open on the 29th!
  • A Saturday full of music, tomorrow, a Sunday full of coffee to keep the buzz. #lanewaysg
  • Good things come in pairs. Prosper in the Lunar New Year with 2 incasa espresso cups and 250g of Throwback or Terra Firma blend for $28.80 #huatah
  • Photo moment while waiting for coffee at TripAdvisor office. #bettercoffeemovement
Six traditional 3oz espresso coffee cups. Available in Black, Brown, Blue, Orange and Red.
The Baratza Perciso has 401 settings (100 of which are in the espresso range) Every Baratza Preciso, ...
A 3-month subscription of 2 different filter coffees per month. You'll be receiving 1 x 250g per cof ...
Set includes a Gold 2-Cup Glass V60 Dripper, a 40-piece pack of Filters and a limited edition Server ...
Drip pot woodneck is the professional method of brewing coffee. The original rich taste of the coffe ...
All heat-proof Hario glass server. Clear to enjoy color. Microwaveable including the lid. Can be use ...
A 3-month subscription featuring all the blends we roast. You'll be receiving 2 x 250g of the same b ...
Black Brew Deconstructed Level 1 is geared towards the Barista interested in alternative Brew method ...
Hario V60 Pour Overs are designed to unlock the ‘secrets of flavour’. Designed and manufactured ...
Espresso Redefined Level 1 is for the Home Barista, or someone looking to enter the Coffee industry. ...